What is Mike Filsaime’s Viral Friend Generator?

Mike Filsaime has created a new thing called Viral Friend Generator. Like apparently everything else that Mike contacts, Viral Friend Generator has caused a great deal of dispute and won various supporters. Incredibly however, relatively scarcely any individuals understand what it is.

So what is Viral Friend Generator? It is the ensuing stage in the advancement of “tell-a-friend”.

I’ll pause for one second to offer you a chance to gather yourself.

I realize that “tell-a-friend” sets off alarms in a great many individuals’ heads. And it should, based on how it has been used in the past. However, Viral Friend Generator has various features that make it altogether not quite the same as the “tell-a-friend” programs we’re all familiar with.

Most importantly, everyone has to pick in order to get emails about your program. There is also a “don’t email me again” interface in each message that guarantees that individuals who might lean toward not to get your emails never get another email from you.

Viral Friend Generator allows you to increase your traffic. The “tell-a-friend” feature of the program normally allows customers to significantly increase their traffic. Directly, that incorporates some significant downfalls – the reason that individuals tell their friends is that you are boosting them to do as such (for example you are paying them). Nevertheless, finally, you end up with more traffic than you had originally.

You make sense of what your traffic is worth. You pick what you want to pay your customers for alluding others. You set all of the rules for what it takes for your affiliates to be paid. It sounds complicated, however it takes about five minutes to set up.

Tell-a-friend programs have a bad name, and regularly which is all great, for a great deal of reasons. In any case, if you have a quality site, with quality things, and you send quality emails, you won’t have spam issues because of tell-a-friend.

However, Viral Friend Generator is still tell-a-friend with new fancy miscellaneous items. Before you put assets into it, consider what you are doing with your online business. If it’s appropriate for you, great. However, recollect that you are taking a chance with your site and your reputation when you use it. Before you purchase Viral Friend Generator, I suggest you learn increasingly about it.

For me personally, the jury is still out. Really, I am using Viral Friend Generator. However, no ifs, ands or buts, specifically. I don’t have a clue about that I’m comfortable enough with the thing to really use it. To do so would hazard obliterating my online business and I’m not yet ready to chance that because of some new “tell-a-friend” features.

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