An Overview of SEO in 2015

Algorithm changes that have been taking place in the Internet landscape recently are no surprise to the countless number of SEO practitioners. For a newbie marketer who is in the process of starting a career in online marketing, these changes can be quite confusing.


However, those who were in the SEO business from earlier days when content was important and search engines do not have to grapple with a lot of spam, getting a good rank essentially meant putting good content on the web. The concept was simple, but some work and creative techniques were required, as quality content that benefited users was needed to reach the target audience for the blog.


When backlinks came about, they became a better ranking factor, and although the intent was good, it managed to create a wave of gray hat automated utilities to send spammy backlinks in the thousands, hoping to exploit flaws in search with. Engine algorithm.


For individuals looking at SEO from this point on, the good old days are long gone. With Google’s Penguin and Panda now guarding the web against spam and poorly done content, backlinks in their essence can be harmful to a blog or website. Then it may be a reason to wonder how SEO can be achieved these days even while monitoring Panda and Penguin? The answer is simple – return to basics.

the basics

When preparing a marketing piece of content, think about it on a personal level; As a user, what makes content worth reading? What will be the attraction? Does it include information and details that are valuable, or is it merely an entertaining yet pointless piece? Obviously, one should also consider SEO components that factor into the entire search engine ranking equation.


This piece is intended to help readers and SEO practitioners understand that the modifications that are happening in SEO at the moment are mainly set to bring us back to a time when content is indeed king. The days when poor quality blog content and spammy automated backlinks are ruled. The use of automated tools for building links is expected to die soon.

Promoting Video

The same values ​​now apply in SEO videos. Even if a professional chooses to host the video on a hosting platform or via YouTube, the basic SEO components mentioned earlier play an important role for viewers to be able to find the video. After properly researching the keywords, they should be included in the video title and its description. Find the time to properly broadcast the video or acquire someone’s services to accomplish this task. Uploading the text version is necessary as it will provide an important opportunity for videos in SERPs.

Tips for YouTube SEO
  • Video content
  • User interest and engagement
  • Video content component
  • Keywords
  • Video Title
  • Video description
  • Video tag
  • Video transcription
  • Channel authorization
  • Distribution of material

Note that the suggestions for a successful video SEO on YouTube are listed below based on order of importance.

Clearly, optimizing video for search engines – especially in YouTube – is fundamentally similar to any website SEO. However, note that the content of the video at the top of the list, as well as user interest and engagement, is preferred. A video that has zero content value and is unable to engage its audience will be ignored. Google is able to detect a shortage of shares or interest and therefore concludes that the video is worthless.

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