8 Quick Ways to Generate Blog Traffic Systematically

There are many ways to generate free traffic to your sites, especially for blogs. After creating a blog post, you can use methods from sending your posts to article submission sites like Makeproject.co.in, to social bookmarking sites like Kevalwire only. In fact, it is advised that if you have the time, take advantage of them all.

However, due to the many methods available, the whole process can be extremely tedious without a systematic or automated way to do it. Below is my own step-by-step system, which is not fully automated, it can be used to quickly and quickly reach a wide audience for each of your blog posts.

# 1 – Submit posts as articles to article submission sites

Article submission sites guarantee traffic generators for well-written articles, typically between 1-200 visitors on average per day. If your post is written like an article, do not hesitate to submit it to sites like Makeproject.co.in

. However, note that article sites require good content, and not just some from daily collections.

# 2 – Publish FeedBurner Feed

Make sure your posts are published using RSS Feeds such as FeedBurner.

# 3 – Use Squidoo

Create Squidoo lenses for each keyword in your post, if it hasn’t already been done. Then add your blog RSS feed to the lens. This will put your post through Squidoo in front of the eyes of anyone you know.

# 4 – Tap the post and squidoo lens

StumbleUpon.com is a social bookmarking site that provides a browser tool bar from which you can bookmark your site’s pages. This helps to generate huge amounts of traffic to your site, especially if you provide content that people find useful. As a result, more people will review and bookmark your site, creating a lot of exposure, potential backlinks, and a subsequent reader.

Once you set the tool bar, “I Like It!” Use. Bookmark the button and review the site page with your post.

# 5 – Submit to Onlywire and other social bookmarking sites

Today the number of social bookmarking sites is increasing which offers huge potential for traffic generation. Each of them requires considerable effort and time to submit their position. Wouldn’t it be a great time if there was a device that could automate this?

With OnlyWire, this can be achieved to a certain extent. At the moment, onlywire allows up to 22 social bookmarking sites to submit your posts immediately. You have to have your account on each of these sites, and only enter the key in the account name and password. But after that, all you need to do is bookmark your post using OverWire, and it will help to submit your post to all 22 sites and a global audience.

If you are part of other sites like Digg.com (which is not on OnlyWire), then submit the required ones on those sites as well.

# 6 – Ping Technorati

Technorati is often referred to as the latest discussion authority on the World Wide Web. If you have an account with Technorati and have added the necessary widgets, Technorati will ping your site upon adding a new post.

# 7 – Write a WTF (Where’s the Fire?) On Technorati

WTFs are short articles or excerpts on technorati that are often used to spread on practically everything. They appear frequently on the front page of Technorati and can be voted on by people. If your post or article is of very good content, write a short WTF and post it on Technorati. It can also provide residual traffic, as popular WTFs can remain on the Technorati homepage for a long time.

# 8 – Alert your blog communities of new content

People who have joined your blog communities in MyBlogLog for example, are definitely willing to go for content on your blog. Serve them, inform them of your new position and they will leave.

There are many other platforms on which you can leverage to generate free traffic through various media – such as Yahoo! Answers, YouTube, Flickr, Google Alerts and countless web 2.0 sites are bouncing all over the internet. The 8 steps above are just the main methods I use to quickly and systematically spread my posts to a wider audience, using such platforms. Use and integrate them into your own methods where applicable and useful, and very soon traffic creation will become second nature with more visitors to your site!

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