5 Conversion Optimization Tips for Your Website

No matter which expert you hired or how much money you spent, there is no other barometer that means how much conversions and return on investment from your search campaign is a successful search engine marketing strategy .

No matter what service is being offered – organic SEO or paid search (or a combination of both) search engine marketers are tasked with driving not only qualified traffic to your website, but also one’s The website also offers conversion optimization consulting to help increase the likelihood. Sales or other types of conversions for your customers’ websites.

Realizing the conversion potential of your website depends on many factors such as the attractiveness of the website, the content on the site and the ease of navigation for users visiting the site. Below I identify five conversion optimization tips that help simple website visitors convert to conversions.

Rate your competition

First, identify who is your strongest competition in the market. Then, go on a little reconnaissance mission and find out everything about that contestant (s). What strategies are they using to drive more traffic and convert more sales to their site (s)? Are they offering deals or special promotions? Do they have easy product / service information? Do they have customer testimonials supporting their product / services?

Take what you have learned from your reconnaissance mission and create your own custom plan to convert more visitors to your website.

Think like your customers

If you were a customer on your website, do you know how you can get what you are looking for and you will get it. To properly optimize your website for conversions, you have to think like your customers. What are they looking for when determining what information to buy a product? Does your website load quickly (you don’t want to overcome them with a slow website?) Is there easy access to contact information? Are there special offers available on the website that they can capitalize on (remember that people like a good deal!).

Produce valuable web content

Conversions depend a lot on the quality of your website content, just as a successful SEO campaign does. The content of your website should effectively communicate your brand and your service / product choices in a clear and concise manner. Your web content needs to focus on conversions explaining the gamut of benefits your product / service provides, and should include a strong call-to-action that will inspire your visitors to convert .

Google has made it easier for website owners to improve their conversion pitch by launching content experiments as part of their Google Analytics program. In content experiments, website owners can test different landing page variations with different content in an effort to analyze and determine and determine which web page is more effective for driving.

Provide special promotions

Discounts, buy-one, free shipping, coupon codes and free e-books are all effective ways to help website users convert. This type of promotional offer gives your visitors the psychological advantage of getting a deal on their purchase and increases the likelihood that they will actually make that purchase.

It is important to note that most offers have short-term benefits for conversion and require continuous improvement to help retain established customers.

Be trustworthy

The final website conversion rate optimization strategy that I will discuss is trustworthy for visitors only. Be transparent with your site visitors. Clearly mark the contact information so that customers are easy to find. Offer links to your social media pages so that users can get the scoop on your company from real customers.

If your website collects data, have a clear privacy policy stating what their information will be used for. There are shipping and return policies. If your website is required, install an SSL certificate so that website visitors know that your website connection is encrypted and secure.

Each of these simple strategies can greatly improve the conversion rate on your website so that you can make the most of your search engine marketing investment.

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