4 Sources of Free Backlinks for Credit Repair Companies

Getting a website to rank you well for high traffic conditions is not easy, especially in the financial services industries. According to Searchmo Ranking Factors of SEOmoz, three of the top 5 ranking factors are related to backlinks pointing to your website. Having targeted (backlinks with descriptive anchor text from websites in the financial services category) and diverse (backlinks to multiple root domains) portfolio of backlinks goes a long way towards maximizing your ranking. However, the problem for credit repair companies is that it is difficult to obtain valid backlinks. Due to negative perceptions of the credit repair industry, some webmasters are willing to bacllink to the websites of credit repair companies for high-risk backlink building tactics such as buying backlinks, buying sponsored blog posts, or resorting to blogs and forums Are forced to compel. Spamming.

For sites focused on long-term success, these risky backlink building tactics are a scary proposition as they can be the result of hostility from other webmasters to the brand and, worse, ranking fines from search engines. While penalties are not a sure thing, and many companies seem able to run with violations of search engine guidelines, being one of the unlucky ones who get punished takes a credit repair company from profitability to irrelevant overnight. Can go

Instead of relying on high risk backlink building methods, there are many community-driven sites where you can earn targeted, low backlinks in return for your participation. Four such sites are listed below.

AOL Answers (aolanswers.com)

Recently converted from Yedda to AOL North, this site works wildly similar to Yahoo! Except that when answering a question, you have the ability to include backlinked backlinks with the anchor text of your choice. You can create a profile page with a backlink to your site.

Standard spam prevention measures are put in place to prevent system misuse, but as long as it takes time to provide good information for those asking you on the site, AOL answers can be a good source of backlinks and traffic.

Credit Repair BEST (www.creditrepairbest.com)

Like AOL Answer in Aadhaar, this site differs from being more hands on moderation and focused entirely on credit repair topics. While the site is not as popular, the backlinks you receive are more targeted.

Credit Repair Ideas (www.creditrepairbodyts.org)

Credit Repair Ideas is a standard article dashboard site focused on the credit repair industry and has been modified to provide authors with greater SEO benefits than other article dashboard sites. The site is diligent about approving only relevant, high quality articles, so that your backlinks are not burned by thousands of spam or poorly spun entries.

BloggercizeMe.com, MarsBlogger.com, Blog.com, etc.

Built using the WordPress MU publishing platform, these sites allow you to create your own WordPress blog on your domain. There is no substitute for having a blog on your own domain, creating mini-blogs (half a dozen posts) with backlinks to your site helps you to add backlinks to a large number of domains, while still keeping the occasional pages Relevance is being preserved.

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